Combine Like Terms Boom Cards

Combine like terms Boom Cards is an internet based activity. It is paperless and self-grading. Great for 1:1 classrooms. Can also be used in a center or with an interactive whiteboard. Students get instant feedback after each question. Boom Cards play on any digital device with an internet connection. Hosted by Boom Learning. Chromebook compatible. Can be used for virtual learning.

Skills covered:
Identifying like terms
Adding and subtracting like terms
Created for 6th grade. Adding and subtracting involves positive integers only.

This is a guided lesson
Students are first shown how to do the skill and then given questions on it. When students get a wrong answer they are taken to a reteach or hint card and then back to the question for another chance. You cannot skip or hide cards in this deck. This type of deck is great for introducing the topic or review.

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