Category: Order of Operations

Order of Operations Digital Interactive

This is an internet based activity. It is paperless, and self grading. Great for 1:1 classrooms. Can also be used in a center or with an interactive whiteboard. Boom Cards™ play on any digital device

Order of Operations Worksheets

Order of operations worksheets. There are four different levels. This is great for differentiation or a slow build up of skills. No prep required, just print. Click the image to see the preview for a

Order of Operations Flash Cards

Order of Operations Flash Cards or Task Cards Included:40 cardsstudent response sheetanswer key Possible uses:* Students who finish early* A math center.*Use these as game cards with any board game. Bundle of 6 Game Boards

Order Of Operations Bingo

Order of Operations Bingo  (Exponents up to the third power and parentheses)  Included in this set: 30 unique bingo cards 25 question cards with answers  PPT slide show that can be used with any interactive whiteboard

Order of Operations Scavenger Hunt

Order of Operations Scavenger Hunt is motivating and gets students out of their seats. Students love this activity because they –get to move around. –work at their own pace. –think it’s a game. –get immediate

Order of Operations Riddles

Order of Operations RiddlesStudents love solving riddles in math class. *Motivating *Self checking Included:– 4 riddles with different skill levels.  Simone‘s Math Resources Common Core State Standards:5.OA.1 Use parentheses, brackets, or braces in numerical expressions, and evaluate